Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - SMS (Text) Message


How do I set up the mobile app with verification code for Multi-Factor Authentication? 


  • Multi-Factor Authentication 

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  • On your laptop or desktop, begin the user registration process by visiting the MFA User Portal at:
  • Enter your MCC e-mail address and click Next.
  • Enter your password and click Sign in.
  • If you are prompted to stay signed in, click No.

  • A window will pop up saying that more information is required, click Next.

  • Change the first drop down box to Authentication phone, enter your mobile phone number, select the bubble for Send me a code by text message, and press Next.

  • Enter the six-digit verification code sent to your phone and click Verify.

 Note: Text messages may not come from the same phone number for every verification attempt.

  • Copy the code, in case you need it for any existing applications. Once you click Done, you are all set. If you are prompted to stay signed in, click No. The next time you perform an account sign-in from off campus, you will be prompted to verify your identity using this verification method.