Using a Teams Live Event


How do I use Teams Live Event? How do I know if a Teams Live Event is right for my event?


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Live events are meant for one-to-many communications where the host of the event is leading the interactions and audience participation is primarily to view the content shared by the host.

There are some factors that can help decide if a Teams Live Event is right for your event:

  • You don't want attendees to be able to talk or show their webcam.
  • You want a private Q & A area (with the ability to make the questions public but the questioner can remain private).
  • You want the potential of having more than 300 attendees (up to 10,000 for a live event). 
  • Distinct roles for producers, presenters, and attendees.

Some examples of Macomb related Teams Live Events:

  • Faculty Development Day (FDD)
  • Institutional Development Day (IDD)
  • State of the College
  • Open Enrollment
  • Orientations

If you think that Teams Live Events will work for you please review the video and tips below and ask any follow-up questions in the Request Access to Microsoft Teams Live Events Form. 

How to use Microsoft Teams Live Event

We recommend that you do a test run before you hold the actual live event. 

Per Microsoft on running concurrent live events, only 15 can be running, but you can schedule infinity at the same time. The 16th to ‘START’ the live event will get an error. 

Adding presenters, producers, and attendees:

  • Presenters and Producers are invited when scheduling the event. If you need to add more you can only grant them access by going to the live event you have scheduled in your team's calendar and clicking edit on the bottom right, then adding them in.
  • To invite attendees you need to click on the get attendee link. You then use that link and send it out however you would like. It’s important to not forward the producer/presenter link because it will give them an error saying they don’t have access. 

Before the Live Event:

Pre Live discussion – Anything can be said in the pre-live area and only producers and presenters will hear or see it. In order to start the live event you must send something into the queue box (left box), then press send live, and then press start (under the live box on the right).

After the Live Event:

After the event is over you can access your recording, Q & A report, and engagement report under the calendar event. To get to this information you can do the following:

  • Open Teams.
  • Click on the Calendar Tab on the left side.
  • Find the event in the calendar. Click on the event to see the details. 


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