Downloading Transcripts from a Recorded Teams Meeting


How do I download Transcripts from Teams?


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  • Record the Teams Meeting. While recording Teams will create a chat that will have the recording once done. 
  • In the chat, Select the 3 dots (ellipsis) by the recording. 
  • Select Open in Microsoft Stream. This will open in a browser window. This will take you directly to the video. 

  • Scroll down to under the video, select the 3 dots (ellipsis).
  • Click on Update Video Details. 
    • Under Update Video Details you can change the name of the meeting, add a description, and change who the video is shared with. If you want all of Macomb to be able to view the video select Allow everyone in your company to view this video. If you make any changes to the details of the video you will need to select publish at the bottom of the page to save those changes.
  • Under the options header, confirm that Autogenerated captions is checked off. 
  • Once your captions are done. You can select Download File. The file will download to your computer.

 Note: The captions might not be available right away. You may need to come back at a later time to get the captions. 

  • Now that the captions are downloaded we will go to our downloads folder to get the file. 
  • Click on File Explorer on your taskbar. 

  • Select Downloads. 
  • The captions file should be at the top. The file will be a VTT file. This file can be opened in Notepad but there will be extra coding/metadata included in the file. To remove the extra code/metadata you can use the Stream Web Utility. 

Using the Steam Web Utility to remove extra coding and metadata. 

  • Select the VTT file from the downloads area.
  • Click Open.
  • On the page, it will display all the transcript text without the extra data. Click Copy Transcript button. This will copy all the text to your clipboard.

  • Once the text is in your clipboard you can paste in Word or any application you would like. 

 Note: The content will require editing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation before being used. You may also need to adjust the formatting of the text as it runs altogether if you would like sections or spacing between speakers. 


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