Team Owners Guidelines


What are the guidelines when creating Teams? 


  • Microsoft Teams


Naming Conventions

Keep the name short and concise, but definitive enough that it will not be confused with another Team. 

The name chosen for the Team you are creating is extremely important. It will impact all members of the team as well as the entire organization. The organization is affected because the name of this Team will be displayed in the global address or groups list for everyone to see. The Team is impacted because this name proliferates as a SharePoint Site Collection (back end where all the files are stored), Outlook e-mail address (people can send emails to a Team, but you can't send as or from a Team), and Planner (task organizer for the Team).


Team Owner's are responsible for everything that takes place inside their team. Including the following list of items:

  • Adding and deleting members of their Team as necessary
  • Managing Team settings
  • Archiving a Team or deleting a Team when it's done being used.
    • An archived Team will still display all of its existing information and will show up in any related search results. Nothing new will be allowed to be added to the team though.
    • A deleted Team will be gone forever, everything is scrubbed away once a Team is deleted.

Best Practices

  • There should always be at least 2 Owners of a Team

Important Links for Owners and Members.

 Note: Inactive Teams will be automatically deleted after 1 year of inactivity. 


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